How important is it for a couple to know who will turn the filming of their wedding? Us there we are asked, not so much as professionals, but as spouses. Not to mention the simple to know and view the Web site and the works, but a knowledge that seeks to understand who are those to whom you are entrusting the filming of your wedding. Also because those people will come into your houses to the preparations and will become part of one of the most important days of your life.

There seems little? We do not. For this reason we want to meet personally spouses, apart from geographical limitations; we want to make ourselves known, give ourselves to those we face, so as to enter into a relationship. We like to hear your story, understand how you arrived at the wedding, what are your tastes, what details you have chosen for your wedding, you laugh with your anecdotes.

This helps us to work better during your wedding, you create a relationship that helps to not see us more as strangers, but as people who contribute with you to make wonderful and unique day. Of course, our work does not end the wedding day. Returning home we collect all the feelings experienced, the information received and the filming done to create your movie. All marriages may seem outwardly identical, but for those who train the eye and especially hearing there are many discoveries. The richness of our movie is just to try your being unique as a couple and as individuals, without repeating the same clichés for each.

We love the uniqueness and we believe this transpire from our labors. We like to put ourselves at the service, so if you have any questions, please email us!

Diego and Francesca