Amazement, this is the feeling that comes from the heart. Working with weddings is beautiful, it let us be in a unique moment, where the couple declares eternal love, I have to say that Francesco and Antonella have exceeded our expectations. Love is pure and tangible, sometimes moving, to the point that we are part of their story, even if we met them only few hours our before.

This love that was born little by little, and that led them to such steps, they have never kept it for themselves, but they have donated it for others, to make their own life a gift. They have opened the doors to the neighbor and throughout the marriage that was visible. We often spend much time to organize a thousand details, but what wears the wedding of true beauty are just the bride and the groom with their being for eachother the one who opens the others eyes to a new world.

We wish Francesco Lella and all the happiness in the world and all the goods!