Here we are at the beginning of our blog.

I like to call it ‘our blog’ because my desire is to interact, share, tell and express what marriage brings us to live. Often the dynamics are similar, but never the same. Like any story even every wedding is unique and inimitable. I firmly believe that the beauty and success of a good wedding video is born precisely from knowing how to bring out this uniqueness, knowing how to capture and work with art, and then present it to the newlyweds in an original and exciting way, that will remain a treasured memory made of images, words, sounds and music.

DO Wedding Films is born from an innate love for art, especially developed in music and film, from which it draws constant inspiration. This combination has created theappropriate competences  to create videos that tell exclusively  the most important day of every married couple.

When I’m alone in my studio, in front of my computer, I look for the best way to edit the film, I take care of the sound with the utmost care, I correct the colors and shades of each shot, but above all I am inspired by the couple that I have under my eyes, I like to be faithful to the atmosphere breathed that day and bring out what is meaningful to me. I am sure that many things are incomprehensible in my work for those who are not in the business, but I will be happy to explain everything, and when you do not understand, I only ask you to trust me if you like my work.

Because in the end, let’s be sincere, trust is the basis of every relationship, don’t you think?