It all started by two friends, men and woman, many years ago. Speaking of life discovered to have a passion in common, photography. Him with his camera showed her every trick, trying to convince her to buy one, so as to cultivate together the common passion.

Despite the problems, the girl surrendered to the evidence and against any opinion of the family spent all his savings to get a Canon EOS 1100D. It was only the basis of reflex cameras, but she was firmly convinced that she would not have served anything more. His first reflex, it did not seem real, a dream come true.

Happy, began this new adventure, never thinking that  there was much more to come for them. Soon came the wedding announcement of a couple of friends, it seemed the perfect opportunity to take some nice pictures, but at the boy was made a proposal: “Why do not you take your reflex and make a wedding video?”.

Uncertain what to do he talked with his friend, who lent him his own new camera, because she believed in his abilities. That day was the beginning, the marriage was the first, everything seemed to be born by chance, but the chance does not exist.

The boy realized that the pictures were beautiful, but he could do more: to combine the image with sound. From that day came a new passion, a passion that still continues to grow and that generated DO Wedding Films.

What other did the two friends? Well that’s another story.