We’ve already been asked by our friends to be their videographers, but there seemed something new, and once again we were amazed. It‘s true that every couple is unique and unrepeatable, and being behind the camera to film this union has excited us more than expected. We left Rome for San Pietro al Tanagro, a small town near Salerno.

All the equipment was with us, the costume in suitcases and two changes. We were exhausted by the intense work and thinking about the great heat only made us tremble. Despite the change of the region we felt at home.

It looked like a detachment of our home, perhaps the desire to live all close to share life without making it too long. We’re thrilled with them, we laughed and joked in abundance! We aren’t able to fully express our love, but our work allows us to transform the feelings into something tangible, so we leave the video the burden of speaking for us.