Rome wedding videographer | Carmine & Cinzia

Wedding videomaker in Italy | 04.10.2015

‘If we can be “us” in the middle of the world and together with the world, cry, laugh, live.

If every day you will discover what we are and not the memory of how we were,

If we can give each other without knowing who will be the first and who the last,

If your body will sing with mine, because together joy,

then it will be love and it will not have been futile to wait so much. (P. N.)

Words that touch the heart, which accompany the soul to something great, the desire to be “we”.


DO WEDDING FILMS presents CARMINE & CINZIA in”If” – a Wedding Film by di DIEGO ORTUSO – Cinematography DIEGO ORTUSO and FRANCESCA EQUIZZI – Music by  VONA MON CRIEF – Still Photography ALESSANDRO IASEVOLI – Edited by DIEGO ORTUSO – Story by CARMINE and CINZIA – Directed by DIEGO ORTUSO – Filmed on location at SAN GIUSEPPE DEI FALEGNAMI, VILLA MIANI, ROME – Coming soon