Wedding videographer Rome | Riccardo & Alessandra 

Wedding video in Rome, Italy| 28.08.2015

We met Riccardo and Alessandra few weeks before their marriage. We met in a cozy atmosphere, in front of cookies and a cool drink. After few minutes, it soon came to us their enthusiasm to live life, their love and the desire to start a life together that would last forever. Impossible not to be impressed by the big smiles of her, by the look in love with him. Passion, this is the word that comes to mind to describe them. And this passion we noticed throughout the day.

The Fossanova Abbey, welcomed them by individuals and made them a family; Villa Meravigliosa has created a beautiful setting to celebrate the great joy of marriage and Music Planning has accompanied every moment in a sublime way with a beautiful live music.

We felt like family, and we wish these young married guys a radiant life, full of adventures and joys. We thank them for allowing us to live with them a day so beautiful and pleasant.


DO WEDDING FILMS presents RICCARDO & ALESSANDRA in “El mismo Sol” – a wedding film by DIEGO ORTUSO – cinematography by DIEGO ORTUSO and FRANCESCA EQUIZZI – music by ALVARO SOLER – still photographer FOTONOVE – edited by DIEGO ORTUSO – story by RICCARDO & ALESSANDRA – directed by DIEGO ORTUSO – filmed on location at ABBAZIA DI FOSSANOVA, PRIVERNO, VILLA MERAVIGLIOSA, LATINA, ITALY – Coming soon