And here we are talking about Documentaries, ops! Sorry, Film-Documentary. Yes, because according to Michael Moore (and to me) every documentary should be conceived as a movie.

So, even wedding video can be built as a “wedding film“, not so much for aesthetic aspects or for instrumentation used but when it comes to the way it is produced.

To Interest, to surprise, to tell, to excite, to provoke, these are the things that make a video different from the usual cliché of wedding videos, where the structure is almost identical and it features a music carpet on which to spread a series of “beautiful shots”, very far to a Cinematographic product.

Michael Moore lists 13 rules, 13 principles that should be followed for all those who are involved in documenting an event, be it a wedding video or a social event, the point is to entertain the spectator, doing it perhaps with irony, with fantasy, with the poetry that emerges when every aspect of our product is put to the service of the narrative, from the sound to the rhythm of the editing, the duration of each shot and the ability to evoke emotions and feelings in those who are watching.

And this is by no means simple, but you can try, you must try!

Well, here’s the link to the article. Good reading and stay tuned!


Michael Moore’s 13 Rules for Making Documentary Films