This time I introduce you a documentary about the art of film editing. Clips are shown from many groundbreaking films with innovative editing styles.

These are some quotes from great filmmakers we can find in this documentary:

For a writer it’s a word, for a composer and musician it’s a note, for an editor and a filmmaker it’s the frames, and one frame off or two frames added or two frames less is the difference between a sour note and a sweet note, it’s the difference between clunky clumsy crap and orgasmic rhythm! (Tarantino)

The sad fact was the shark would only look real in 36 frames not in 38 frames and that two frame difference was the difference between something really scary and something look like a great white floating turd. (Spielberg)

We call it the invisible art, and indeed it is. The more visible we are the better we’re doing our job. (Craig McKay)

Even in wedding videography, editing is a crucial stage of the whole process. Although in a wedding there is no script already written, choosing a framing, scenes and sequences, a videographer can give different meanings to the story, giving more or less importance to certain events depending on how they are “assembled”.

Indeed, more than in the film, in wedding videography the editing is the decisive step to givet he tale a structure, where the film acquires its identity. The wedding videographer does not have a screenplay, he has only footage and an event to be told, with endless possibilities and full expressive freedom.

Editing is a language in all respects, with its rules and its exceptions, and as such is a living thing that changes over time, but always keeps the goal of communicating something in a clear and universal way.

Later on we will deepen this art with other articles, now I wish you to enjoy the video, remember that you can activate the subtitles 😉

See you next time!