Videography courses
Videography courses


One-to-one courses

Do you want to learn something about this job? So, here I am!

I decided to launch one-to-one wedding videography courses to teach the skills I’ve learned so far. Editing, mixing, colour grading. You can learn everything you need from someone who’s in the field for many years and use all these knowledge everyday.

I’m not teaching something that will make you like me, I’ll teach you general principles that you can apply to your work and develop your own style.

I can cover four main topics: Shooting, Editing, Mixing and Colour Grading, though we can customize the course on your specific needs.

I think this is a great opportunity for you to imrpove your career as a wedding film maker. If you are just starting out, don’t worry, I’ll teach you everything using a simple and straightforward language.

I can speak italian, spanish and english, and I love teaching. If you are interested just drop me a line! 

online videography courses
Video Editing courses


Cut, copy, paste!

Editing is a great journey into a beautiful language, and extremely poweful if we know how to use it!

I will teach you how to import, organize, edit and export your footage. To me the editing process is like sclupting, you have tons of footage and must find a way to get rid of the superfluos and keep only the good.

It’s all about creating a story. You will learn how to tell something using the audiovisual language enhancing your idea and make it comprehensible to your audience.

We will not focus on a particualr software, we will focus on why something works and why not, analizing your videos and doing togheter some experiments.

We will speak about rythm, pacing, story, emotion, music and how to use silence and to involve the viewer. If you want to improve your works I strongly advice you to attend these wedding videography courses.


Don’t just hit Rec!

Learn how to set the camera correctly and how to shoot a subject, a situation, anything that happens in front of you. We cover the use of a tripod, a stabilizer or going handheld.

Always learning not just the technique but the Why something is done in that way.

We also will talk about recording the audio properly, using the mic on-camera and separate field recorders.

We will talk about codecs, picture profiles, ISO, and all the technical stuff. But first of all we will understand how to frame the subject, why move the camera and all the creative stuff about the shooting process.

Next time you will hit the rec button you will be more aware of what you’re doing.

Online shooting course


Audio is 50% of your video!

In order to be a complete storyteller you have to know not only to use the visual language, but most importantly you have to master Sound.

I will teach you how to organize your audio sources, set them in the timeline, adding effects,  polish, equalize, compress and mix them in the most effective way.

You will also learn how to add reverbs, or de-reverb sounds, how to create a sound universe that makes your video “sound professional”, either for the web, the TV or the theaters.

I’ve been a sound designer for Fox, National Geographic, Sky and many TV companies, I will reveal you the right workflow and the essential skills for mastering the audio process.

color grading

Color, color, more color!

Once you’ve edited anx mixed your video there’s still one thing to do, or better, two. Colour Correction and Color Grading. They are the last steps to take in order to give a professional look to your video.

We will discover how to color correct your footage, set the right contrast and withe balance. The goal is to have a consistent look throughout your video.

You will learn how to master the use of the Curves within your editing software. With simple principles you will be able to understand what it means to do a correct color grading, without spend money on buying someone else LUTs.

Finally we will talk of adding some effects and export your video in the correct way, being sure that it will looks nice on all the platforms.

wedding photography course


What’s beyhond a good photograph

I will teach you how to make good photographs. We will cover the main technical aspects but we will focus on the Why. I beleive that the technical skills must be as tools,  we have to find our unique style, our path, regardless of what others do.

I will teach you how to deal with ISO, shutter speed, aperture, but also how to work properly in the post-processing stage (Photoshop/Lightroom). A photo is not finished if not fine-tuned after the shooting.

After the basics we can focus on more advanced lessons, as well as analyzing the wedding photography and the most important styles. If you love photography and want to learn from a professional just contact me, I will be pleased to help you out!


What people are saying

Wedding videography courses

Your way of explaining things is awesome

Your expertise and your way of explaining things are awesome. I could learn the basics of shooting and setting the camera properly, in a few time I made a big jump. Thanks!


Wedding videography courses

Impressive competence

I’ve always had some problems in the sound field. Thanks to your impressive competence I’ve learnt how to deal with music, voice and effects, very useful.


Wedding videography courses

I’ve finally learned what’s is important

I was looking for a way to edit my footage and match it correctly with music. I’ve finally learned what’s is important, like choosing the right track and find the right pace for my videos. Many thanks!


Wedding videography courses

You gave me the basics

Thank you to your course I now can say that I know how to color correct and grade a video. It will take time to master the process, but you gave me the basics, and that’s what matters most.