Loving your work, dedicate yourself to it to always offer something new, something refined and unique. Then feed the passion to continue to make it grow. Finally, all of a sudden, we received this award: Best wedding videographers in Italy!

To be more specific, we won awards in the categories Best Colorist (specialist in the field of work with colors, whose videos contain individual style, creative solutions and exceptional color solution);  Best Wedding Highlights (video clip from one wedding where there are all hightlights of the wedding day); Best Cameraman (specialist with the most creative attitude to mordern wedding video shooting, with the most interesting plans and visual solutions) of the prestigious international contest organized by the association WEVA (World Event Videographers Association). 

We are among the best wedding videographers in the world! Thanks to all the judges of WEVA and thanks to all our couples that entrusted us.These awards come in an unexpected way and we want to dedicate them to all couples who believed in our work. This is certainly not a point of arrival, but we thank and we continue to work with passion!

Here is the link if you want to check it out!

Best wedding videographers in Italy 1