I declare you husband and wife!

The ceremony is one of the most important part of the wedding, where the actual marriage takes place.

It can be religiuos or  civil. We don’t make differences, because we are always focused on what’s happening in front of us. The focus is to be ready to capture the best moments in an unobtrusive and reactive way. Therefore we pay attention to details and collect all the precious ingredients of the day.

According to us the spiritual part of a ceremony is very important, because either the bride and the groom are deeply involved. Sometimes the atmosphere is formal and serious, sometimes is lighter and informal; but always there is great emotion and connection between the couple and guests.

It’s our job to catch the interactions between people, being able to preserve the real mood of the event. Moreover it’s important to avoid faking any scene or underestimate certain moments. Always be present and ready to shoot!

Have a look at these sample photos from various weddings, you’ll get an idea of our way to shoot a ceremony.

wedding ceremony photos

foto cerimonia matrimonio san galgano fotografo matrimonio san galganoTuscany wedding videographer?Ceremony-terre-di-nano

These are just samples of our photos. You can contact us if you want to see more photos or sharing your thoughts with us. Therefore, if you want to have a look at some videos of the wedding ceremony please go to our Videos page.