The getting ready

Bride and Groom getting ready

Let’s get ready.

The getting ready of the couple it’s a great moment to start the photo reportage. Here we can start building a “relationship” with the bride and the groom. Usually the context is informal and we have the freedom of move around.

The focus is on the interactions between people, thus trying to capture the atmosphere of the preparation stage. It could be a very interesting moment to take photographs, as everyone is excited and looking forward to attend the celebration.

We also like to pay attention to details, but we are not there to take tons of photos of the dress or the shoes. Indeed there are more important things to photograph, like the emotions of the couple and the guests and the unique situations that arises from the interaction between them.

Have a look at our sample gallery of bride and groom getting ready!

groom getting ready

These are just samples of our photos. You can contact us if you want to see more photos or sharing your thoughts with us. Therefore, if you want to have a look at some videos of the bride and groom getting ready please go to our Videos page.