Extraordinary Magic

If you are looking for a wedding videographer in Italy have a look at this video! Vincenzo and Paola chose Santuario Madonna de Piternis to celebrate their wedding in Cassino. Moreover they chose the elegant and modern Villa Caribe for the reception.

The church was full of friends and relatives, as in a tipical wedding in Italy. The weather was hot but all the guests could have some fresh drink just out of the church. We, as Italy wedding videographers are used to work with high temperature, but fortunately, after the ceremony the weather got colder and we all could enjoy the lunch and the celebrations.

After the lunch we made a couple session in the beautiful surrounding of the Villa Caribe. The sun shined up in the sky and the light was soft. The guys were very happy and relaxed. Therefore, for a wedding videographer in Italy this was the perfect situation! Vincenzo and Paola naturally walked, danced and had fun in front of the camera, so we had just to film what was going on. 

In the end we made a wonderful romantic wedding video in italy, edited on a song by Ben Rector, who tell a love story made of magic, or better, an extraordinary magic!

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A Romantic wedding video

Every bride deserves to feel like a princess on her wedding day and I certainly beleive that’s the way Paola felt on 17 june 2018. Durign the making of this romantic wedding video, we had the sensation that between Vincenzo and Paola there was a deep emotional connection. Thai is to say from the way they looked at each other, to the tenderness during the couple session and during the dancing. In other words, everything was like magic.

In these situations our emotional side resonated with the one of the newlyweds. Thus we had simply to follow this flow of romantic feelings. In the end it was all about trying to be unobtrusive and at the same time ready to spot the right position and hit Rec!

The wonderful landscape near the Villa gave us the opportunity to shoot a romantic wedding video that felt genuine and simple. All whitout the need of using fancy movements or particular technical gear, just our taste and connection with the couple.

Wedding Videographer at Villa Caribe Restaurant, Spigno: DO Wedding Films
Romantic Wedding videos in Lazio: Extraordinary Magic
Wedding Venue: Restaurant Villa Caribe

Villa Caribe Restaurant

Villa Caribe, with its four-star restaurant, is immersed in a pristine landscape, near the beautiful Riviera of Ulisse. For a wedding videographer in Lazio it is a nice location.