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Creative Craftsmen

We are Diego and Francesca, husband and wife, sharing togheter a real passion for cinema, photography and music. Years ago we started this adventure in wedding videography and photography and the passion we put in it is still increasingly growing. Here you can find some info and contact about us.

We like to look at ourselves like creative craftsmen, who use their skills to create unique forms of art. A video, or a photo, could be seen as the result of many stages in wich everything is crafted with passion and accuracy, giving our clients something special, something tailormade. These are our main values.

We don’t like to amaze you with special effects, in our videos what we seek is beauty and reality. We are minimalist and discreet, we share with you what is happening and we are guided by emotions, by the sounds, by the different atmospheres that are created during the event.

When simplicity meets beauty then the magic happens!” This magic is our goal, in whatever situation we find ourselves and with any type of couple.

You just have to trust us!

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I’m the founder of DO Wedding Films. I’m a placid and ambitiuos person, I put lots of passion in my work and people often say I’m a perfectionist. I don’t talk too much, I prefer to express myself by a video, a photo or a piece of music. I love going by the sea and playing chess, as well as spending some time with my family.

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I like making things with my hands, taking care of all the details, because I beleive that the container is as much important as the content. I’m a social and a cheerful person, often you can find me helping the bride with her dress or her hairstyle. I’m a tv-shows lover and I like to tell stories to my son before going to bed!


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What is your style?
Nowadays the term ‘style’ is so misused that this is practically meaningless. If our Films and Photos speak to you then you’ll know it’s your style. And that’s what matters most. Some would call it ‘cinematic’ or ‘reportage’ or ‘wedding cinema’. Our style is all about capturing the real you and the joy of living, creating a unique and elegant film about your day, painlessly and unobtrusively.
Do you offer the Video and the Photo service?
Yes. We are videographers and photographers, we can offer a package with both services or, if you prefer, only one. For instance, if you have already chosen the photographer for your wedding day we can do the filming, or viceversa. We have convenient packages if you choose to do both services with us, just drop us a line and we will find an offering for your needs.
How long do we have to wait to get our videos/photos?
Usually we deliver videos and photos in 3 months, but it depends on the period in wich the event takes place. If you have particular needs we can reach an agreement.
Where are you based?
We are based in Rome and in Milan. You can contact us for arrange a face to face meeting or we can simply make a Skype call. We receive by appointment only to ensure the best availability.
Are you available for familty formals, engaging sessions or elopements?