documentary wedding photographers in Italy

Meaningful and beautiful photos, without posing or intruding.


As documentary wedding photographers, we like to focus our attention on the events as they happen, without asking for pose or fake situations. Our goal is to capture true emotions from true stories. The key point is to express something with every single photo, could it be a smile of the bride during the getting ready or an intimate hug of two newlyweds just after the ceremony, every image must tell something.

It’s not just an aesthetic pursue, what we are looking for is meaning. Obviously we like beauty and joy, we search for the best light and the appropiate composition in our photos, but sometimes is good to see at funny situations or at circumstances where something interesting andumpredictable is happening.

After all, a wedding is a mix of different things, and our job is to grab the most important and meaninful moments and give them to you as a series of photos, they will be a precious memory of your day, intended to last many years.

Take your time to have a look at galleries, maybe you’ll find that something resonate with you, in that case don’t esitate, contact us!


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What people are saying

“Beautiful, simple and elegant”

“The photos are amazing! Beautiful, simple and elegant, thank you. We are looking forward to print them and show to friends and family.”

Alex & Stephanie

“A valuable memory”

“We just received the album, what an emotion to see again the best moments of our wedding! It will be a valuable memory of our day, thank you!”

Matteo & Caterina

“Invisible and present”

“You’ve been able to be invisible during the day and at the same time present in all the most important moments, you have a great eye. Perfect photos!”

Andrew & Victoria

“Great Job!”

“Thank you guys for your precious service, now we have a great album with plenty of meaningful photos. We are in love with the “vintage” mood you gave to the photos, great job!”

Federico & Chiara