A perfect day

“When the thin line that separates life from death is thinned to the point of blurring the border, you realize the importance of time, the one that flows, without asking for permission.

Today, before going to party for life, I want to say thank you.

Thank you, what a decisive and light sound that has this word.
Thanks is my hug for those who with affection and firmness accompanied us in the fear of these four adventurous months.

Someone has made the difference between life and death. Someone was the light in the dark days. Everyone has participated with sincere love.

But these months, they were a wonderful gift, so I want with you, Roberto, to remember to pay attention to every moment, to feel the depth, and the religious simplicity.

I want to take the time to walk in the wind,

To you, Roberto, I say thank you, for being there, for your silences and your confusion.

One day I spend with you is a perfect day, which I would never want to end. If I walk in the wind with you, problems remain elsewhere, to make tourists in the world on our own.

Roberto thank you, because even if it seems that you do it distractedly you have been, you are, and you will be, my house by the sea.”

These are the words that Eleanor read to Roberto. Simple, deep and exciting. As was the entire wedding, and this emotion involved everyone, especially us who were behind the cameras.

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Location: Tralagoecielo

Photographer: Francesca Addonizio

Videographers: DO Wedding Films