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DO WEDDING FILMS presents JORGE and MARTA in “Follow your dreams” – a Wedding Film by DIEGO ORTUSO Cinematography by DIEGO ORTUSO and FRANCESCA EQUIZZI Music by VONA MONCRIEF Still Phootography by VINICIO FERRI Edited by DIEGO ORTUSO Story by JORGE and MARTA Directed by DIEGO ORTUSO Location VIGNA SAN SEBASTIANO, ROMA – Coming soon


Haiti, this is the place where Martha and Jorge met, where they have taken the first steps in their story.
They left their homes and went to the aid of the needy, they launched into the forefront after the earthquake, and there found a soul mate.
This incredible story is about a love that did not surrender to the difficulties, and that led Jorge and Marta to marriage, up to promise themselves eternal love.
We could not tell it in a better way than with the moving words of Jorge.

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