Kiss me goodnight!

With this video I won the best rome wedding videographer award. Kiss me goodnight! (Buonasera signorina). That’s the title of a famous song by Fred Buscaglione. The highlight was awarded also in 2016 as the best wedding highlights by the Worldwide videographers association. What a great recognition for our studio! We are so thankful to having the chance to film this wedding!

As wedding videographers in Rome, having the chanche to shoot this event was a great opportunity. Alex and Kylie came from New York to get married in Rome. The couple was surrounded by their families and friends and welcomed by the tipical italian warm climate and a relaxing atmosphere.

They chose La posta vecchia Hotel to make the preparations and the reception. Above all they wanted to live an authentic Italian experience.complete with ancient history, elegant spaces, superb views and premium service.

After the preparation they went to the Basilica Santa Maria del Popolo for the ceremony. This ancient and beautiful church in the centre of Rome has a Caravaggio painting in it. Just the time to take some pictures in front of the Basilia di San Pietro and they consequently moved to the reception venue on a vintage Fiat 500 in a perfect Italian style

Certainly being with them to film their ‘Wedding Day in Rome’ was a real pleasure. Our aim was to capture the best moments and likewise to give them a unique memory, made with love and passion, as it was their wedding! Thanks to this trailer we won several international awards, for instance best wedding highlights, best camera operator and best color correction.

In conclusion we are honoured that DO Wedding Films has been awarded as one of the best wedding videographers in Rome and in the world! If you are planning to get married in Italy just contact us! We will be delighted to hearing from you and will do the best to give you one of the best memories of your day.

Selected photos

Wedding venue la posta vecchia

la posta vecchia Wedding location

bride getting ready in la posta vecchia

bride getting ready with bridesmaids

beautiful wedding dress

la posta vecchia wedding getting ready

groom getting ready at la posta vecchia

Wedding church in rome piazza del popolo

Wedding in Basilica Santa Maria del Popolo

newly weds in Saint Peter church

Wedding videographers in Rome 11

Wedding reception la posta vecchia

Wedding dinner at la posta vecchia

luxury wedding celebration la posta vecchia

fireworks in la posta vecchia

Kiss me goodnight!

The duration of this wedding lasted three days! Firstly we had the welcome party at the Castello di Ceri, secondly we had a dinner at the restaurant Molto and finally the last day we celebrated the wedding in Santa Maria del Popolo in Rome.

Being Rome wedding videographers we could move fast and comfortably in the city. We’ve been helped with a warm and nice weather, even if the accessibility in the centre of Rome was very difficult.

For the entire day we did work togheter with Brian Dorsey and his crew, he is one of the best wedding photographers based in New York and for us it was a great pleasure.

This wedding trailer in Rome had a great succes and we are still receiving many congratulations from people within the industry and not. I can say for sure it’s one of our best wedding video in Rome.

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