“When the sky is off because of the clouds, the surface of the lake is flat and metallic. When the sun shines, the surface becomes an admirable mirror with the colors of sky and earth.The same is for man’s life when it’s turned on by love.Love changes everything, thus you love everything and see everything with new eyes.”

These are the words Matteo and Fabiana chose for their intimate wedding video in Rome. Words that fully reflect their way of being a couple. Eternal love was promised after a twelve-years wait. With this video we wanted to retrace a few moments, letting Matteo’s eyes express the waiting for his future bride, his life partner, his friend and lover. It is really true that with the eyes of love everything is different.

For this intimate wedding video, we chose a mixed set of lenses, some modern prime and some vintage ones, because we wanted to give a country and elegant mood to the video. As a result everything worked and the trailer is stunning, with a bit of storytelling that enhances the structure. As wedding videographers in Rome, we were curious to film this nice couple’s wedding, they gave much importance to music, during the whole day, thus letting us being deeply inspired by listening to their musical choices.

Fortunately it was a sunny day, as a result the light was soft and we had time to do some portrait shooting session all around Villa Adriana. Certainly this place has something magical, something that reminds us of the old roman places and atmospheres. As wedding videographer in Romethis is a real dream!

The guys felt so natural in front of the camera that we could shoot some gorgeousintimate wedding film. They took some time to walk around and show affection to each others. In conclusion I think that what came out is a wonderful and elegant wedding film, without usign fancy stuff or asking for poses. Just the couple, the location and the power of using key ingredients of their story.

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Intimate wedding Trailer

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