Amazing wedding videos
Amazing wedding videos


Our best wedding videos


These are trailers from our best wedding videos collection. Each video is different, because each story is different. We don’t like to use “pre-established structures” for our videos, our goal is to be faithful to the story, events and atmospheres of each wedding, respecting the real characteristics of the event and enhancing the most significant moments.

We firmly believe that it is the process that brings out the quality of a video, not the technology used. Here you can only watch the trailers, a “taste” of the longest short film we create for the couples. Take your time to calmly look at our work and write to us if you want to know more.

We advise you to use headphones or a good sound system to enjoy sound too. 


What they are saying

“Finally we saw the video, simply wonderful! We like the way you told the story and the way you entered so many emotions and events in a few minutes. A big thank you!”

Stefano & Serena

“Guys you did a great job! You immediately understood the essence of our marriage and seeing those funny moments are priceless! Thank you!”

Stefano & Caterina

“What a nice trailer! The atmosphere, the music, the editing, everything is perfect. We chose Italy as a place to get married and we couldn’t have a better memory of that day than your video!”

Alex & Kilye

“What a brilliant idea for a wedding video! You surprised us with this funny and cheerful video, full of real emotions. Thanks guys!”

Paolo & Erica


We make each video using audiovisual language. There are many elements that make a video cinematic, the use of voices and live sounds are very important, not just music and images. The assembly aims to tell an entire day in a few minutes, just as the treatment of the color of the images can give a particular atmosphere to the various scenes. All these and other ingredients, expertly mixed, leads to a video that is similar to a film, where the emotions and spontaneity of the event are the real protagonists.